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Initial visit $120

Follow up $100

5 times package $475

(Original price $500)

10 times package $900

Original price $1000

Add On Service for Cupping and acupressure

Add On Service


Cupping   $25

Gua Sha   $25

Acupressure  $25

Gua Sha scraping

Magnetic Pain Relief Gua Sha

Gua Sha + Herbal Mask + Acupressure w/ Hot Stone

Back Gua Sha $120

Add on Target Area $25


Facial Rejuvenation A

Facial Lifting Acupuncture +

Facial and Scalp Gua Sha +

Facial and Scalp Acupressure

One Session $120

Facial Rejuvenation B

Facial Lifting Acupuncture +

Facial Brighten Microneedling

 + Facial and ScalAcupressure

One Session $140

Designer (8).png

Healing for Post-COVID-19 Sequelae

Integrating Acupuncture, Dolphin MPS Vagal Nerve Stimulation,

and Chinese Herb Therapy


One Session $150

Package of 5 sessions $600

(Original price $750)

Designer (9).png

Beauty Needle Sculping

Forehead Wrinkles/Nasolabial Folds/Bridge of the Nose Wrinkles/Marionette Lines/Puppet Lines/double chin/neck wrinkles

Package of 5 sessions for one selected area $600

Designer (10).png

Acne Treatment

Facial Acne Acupuncture + 

Body Acupuncture

One Session $120

Mother Moon

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